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Friday, April 25, 2014

Johnny J5 was the original movie robot

These days you practically can't see an action movie without a robot of some sort.  But remember Johnny (J5) in short circuit?  This robot was the original and definitely ahead of it's time.  I'm blown away at how realistic he looks!  Seemingly, no CGI special effects are used with Johnny.  Movies today still copy J5.  For example, those little annoying robots Transformers 2 and Wall-E.   I also find it groundbreaking that an Indian character had such a big part in a movie. (although he's played by American actor Fisher Stevens)

  1. "This crap is moving!"
  2. "Lady luck, she is sitting in our laps today"
  3. "Oooh input!"
  4. I love how fast he reads the book