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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Push it real good! Salt N' Pepa (1987)

Turn your bass up reaaaal loud for this one!  "Push it" is Salt n Pepa's most famous and played song.  It gets the crowd hyped every single time people hear it and I'm amazed at it's longevity.  Recently, I was at a bar on a Friday night in West Los Angeles surrounded by college students from UCLA.  "Push it" came on and every single person started rapping all the words in chorus.  Salt N' Pepa...thanks for hyping the audiences for decades and inspiring new generations to "Push it reeaaal good!"  

Hot Flashbacks:
-DJ Spinderella in the background
-Cool ass Piano-Man!  "Aaah push it"
-The official "Push it" dance at 0:38
-Thick gold rope chain necklaces
-Fly multi color leather jackets
-"Ooh baby baby, baby baby" at 2:18
-Cheesy video graphics at 4:00