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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

80's Music Icon - Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted (1989)

This is one of Paula's sexiest videos!  I remember watching it as a kid and thinking it was like porn lol.  By today's standards, of course, it is pretty tame and actually I'm surprised at how much clothing Paula actually is wearing.  While I don't think this was her best song, I think it displayed all of her talent (singing, dancing, and personality)  On to the video...

-Entire video is an ode to the final scene in Flashdance 
-Little record exec with the round glasses.  Round glasses!
-Incredibly advanced synth / keyboard / electronic system for 1989
-Every cheerleading squad in the nation now has dance numbers like this.  Paula was a pioneer.
-Awesome slide move at 2:54 into the violins playing
-BEST part of the the video is at 3:15 when she does "Co Co Co Cold heart-ed oh ahh ahh...Co co co cold hearted sssnnnnake."  This is why Paula was a an 80's music icon.
-"Ooh Ahhh"
-"Ooh Ahhh"
-"Well, what d'ya think?"  Love you Paula!