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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

80's Music Icon - Bobby Brown - Every Little Step (1989)

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.  Damn man, what happened to the days when you used to dance like this!???  IMHO, "Every Little Step" is Bobby Brown's most iconic song, performance, and video.  Many people don't know that this guy used to sell out arenas on a nightly basis.  While some questioned his voice, no one could question his onstage performances.  You won't see anything like him today.  He brought it hard and his moves were groundbreaking.  

Allright, let's get to the video. Things to watch out for:

-Sick bass track right from the beginning
-The 3 hot black girls with their high boots
-Bobby's lean to one side afro
-Bobby's jacket with "Bobby" embroidered on his right arm
-Bobby's ridiculous bicycle rider outfit with suspenders
-The signature running man step move which is unbelievable at 3:06
-Bobby randomly in a bathtub with a chick at the end of the video